Diplomatic Immunity: Some crucial things to know

Messengers are known to enjoy diplomatic immunity for ages when it comes to strengthening foreign relations. Its origins are rather traced to ancient Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations. Diplomats and couriers back then enjoyed immunity and escaped capital punishment. During the Byzantine-Arab wars, there continued diplomatic exchange between the Byzantines and the Ethiopians. Even ancient Roman and Greek governments provided envoys with special status. However, it was in 1455 that the initial permanent diplomatic mission got established in Italy. The Duke of Milan was represented by this embassy in Genoa. Nowadays, one can BUY DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT from authorized sources.

The British Parliament in 1708 had recognized formally diplomatic immunity. It banned foreign envoys from getting arrested. The U.S. in 1790 had passed similar legislation offering diplomats along with their families as well as servants with diplomatic immunity. It also included the lower-ranking personnel. The law was adhered to until 1978 when it got replaced with the Diplomatic Relations Act.

In 1961, the Vienna Convention held on Diplomatic Relations codified modern diplomatic immunity as international law. 192 nations had accepted this law. However, diplomatic immunity is considered to be a misunderstood topic. It is necessary to understand that you should not BUY FAKE PASSPORT and travel on it. Diplomats are not considered above law.

About diplomatic immunity

Those with DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT are known to enjoy greater immunities and privileges. You can also derive complete personal inviolability. It means you cannot be handcuffed, detained or arrested, except in some unavoidable circumstances. Moreover, your property including your vehicles and assets cannot be searched, entered or confiscated. You can also enjoy complete immunity exclusively from criminal jurisdiction in your host country’s court. Also, you will not be prosecuted irrespective of the serious nature of the offense committed. This can be enjoyed until the sending state waives off this immunity status. Complete immunity can also be derived from the obligation to act as a witness to offer evidence. You cannot be testified also even if you are a victim of any crime committed.

But being a diplomat you should respect your host country’s governing laws. If you BUY PASSPORT like this, it does not offer you a license to kill someone. It is completely a myth.

Many foreign diplomats across the globe are found to abuse diplomatic immunity, without understanding the consequences. If traveling on a diplomat passport, if you tend to break any laws of the host country, then it may lead to unwanted strains in the country’s bilateral relations.

Some crucial facts to know on diplomatic immunity

·       Diplomats are just citizens: Diplomats as per the Vienna convention need to be the sending state’s citizens. They should be assigned to conduct some diplomatic relations with other foreign countries. Non-citizens are rarely provided with immunity and DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT.

·       Diplomatic immunity cannot be derived outside the country: Diplomatic immunity is provided to those holding the passport and assigned to specific countries. Immunity cannot be enjoyed in other countries, except the appointed one.

·       The hosting country offers diplomatic immunity: Immunity is not offered by the sending state. Rather, there will be required prior permission to assign any diplomat from the receiving country/state. The latter offers immunity and not the sending state. Diplomats may be expelled by the host country or receiving state.

·       Automatic immunity is not provided to all passport holders of this type: It does not hold true. Immunity is provided only to the top-level diplomats, but not automatically. It is a wrong belief that diplomatic status is enjoyed by the consular personnel and enjoys diplomatic immunity.

·       License to kill option not provided with diplomatic immunity: Insulation is not offered with a BUY FAKE PASSPORT and diplomatic immunity from punishment or prosecution. The sending country may revoke anytime the diplomat’s immunity for prosecution. It also applies to the diplomat’s family members. Diplomats may also face serious disciplinary actions in case they flout any local laws. Their career may be at risk in case, they violate the rules accepted in the Vienna convention. The sending state may undertake the prosecution. Diplomats in the past were prosecuted and even jailed for those crimes that were committed away from their country.

·       X-ray checking of Diplomat bags: Although bags of diplomats are not allowed to be detained or opened at the airport, they can undergo the x-ray machine. This is to confirm illegal substances are not present in the bag. Also, the diplomat bag is to have the embassy’s visible external mark. It should contain only diplomatic articles or documents essential for official use.

·       Diplomats can derive tax-free status: The truth is diplomats are completely exempt from municipal, regional or national taxes and dues. This is irrespective of it is leased or owned. They also do not have to pay tariffs or import duties on items purchased for personal use.

·       No immunity is provided to temporary diplomats: At times, diplomats are sent on short-term official assignments or on a temporary basis. They do not enjoy special immunities or privileges.

·       Diplomat passports not to be used for personal purposes: This passport is meant to be used for official government duty only. It is to be used for traveling to the host country where the task is assigned. The passport holders are to carry both diplomatic as well as regular passports. They should not use their diplomat passports when traveling for personal reasons. For this, they should use only regular passports. You can BUY PASSPORT of this type. But it comes with limited privileges. Hence, regular passports are much better when compared to diplomat passports. Separate passport checkpoints are present at some airports for diplomats.

·       Consular officers: Staff provided with consular immunity is considered to be a lower diplomatic immunity form. Limited immunity and privilege are offered to consulates that are located outside the capitals.

·       Family members have to face civil jurisdictions: The family members of diplomats do enjoy similar immunities and privileges like that of the diplomats. But they do not perform any official duty. Hence, they are to face civil jurisdiction if any crime is committed.

Therefore knowing the power and limitations can help you BUY DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT with great confidence.