Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.
Baron M. A. Rothschild
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BUY OFFSHORE BANK: What are the things to consider?

If you plan to BUY OFFSHORE BANK, you need to do some research to gain some valuable knowledge on the topic. There are various factors to consider during the investment process. Since it involves a complex procedure, you need to hire a good and experienced consultant. With their years of expertise, knowledge and experience, they can provide sufficient guidance. Thus, the bank setup procedure becomes easy, quick and hassle-free. Reputed consultants having global exposure can help clients to invest in different countries. They specialize in international banks, licensed in countries like the UAE, Panama, Belize, New Zealand, etc. They are involved in both the sale and purchase of licenses of an offshore bank while boasting of successful transactions.

Know the different levels of offshore and international banking

·       Purchase bank license (necessary permit to operate)

·       Purchase Permit for Organizing purpose

·       Purchase operating bank having basic correspondent accounts

·       Purchase international bank having US FedWire account or top-tier correspondent account

·       Purchase operating bank having basic correspondent accounts

·       Purchase banks having operations, books of business (accounts, loans, etc.) and quality corresponding accounts.

Availing Permit

The regulators issue a Permit for Organizing an international bank. This is usually done after your business plan is reviewed thoroughly. it also includes employees in your bank along with the available capital. The Permit allows incorporating a company having the term ‘Bank’. The government will then provide the ‘green light’ to initiate the bank in the respective country.

Employee hiring

This is the next step to follow after getting hold of the Permit to Organize. Establish your core hardware and software, develop your office and perform things essential to start the bank. The very initial step of the licensing process includes ‘Permit to Organize’. However, it can be a complicated task.

It is generally undertaken if the buyer is interested to visit the market quickly and avoid spending a fortune. This way, he can make the bank fully operational. This stage will also allow potential strategic investors to take a keen interest in the bank. The bank is free to sell an investment scenario or a convertible bond to raise capital. The ‘Permit to Operate’ generally sells approximately $1-1.5 million.

OFFSHORE BANK LICENSE is the next option to choose. In this case, only a paper license is offered by the seller. The bank will not have any employee, softer, operations or corresponding accounts. Getting hold of a pure bank license can be tough for sale from several reputed jurisdictions like Switzerland, Luxemburg, Panama or Puerto Rico. But in lesser countries like Dominica, it is quite common. Here, the government issues a license, being aware that the licensee is likely to flip it to the investor.

Pure banking license can be noticed for sale from the reputed offshore jurisdiction. This is when the license is derived by a bank that is licensed in another jurisdiction. Belize-based banks, for instance, may establish a bank in the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico. In this case, the Belize bank is out of business, while Puerto Rico based license is put up for sale.

The license of OFFSHORE BANK FOR SALE from the Cayman Islands or Puerto Rico may sell for about $2+ million. Mexico, Panama or Switzerland license can sell for approximately $10 million. But this is merely the paper, while the bank not having any physical operations.

Operating bank’s license is the next level to purchase with basic correspondent accounts. You can also choose to invest in an international bank having a top-US FedWire account or level correspondent account. The operating bank is likely to have its core systems, 4-5 employees and a physical office. An operating bank when invested upon can be termed to be a turn-key solution.

In this particular case, all operational assets, the software and bank license are taken into consideration. It also includes correspondent bank quality. The offshore bank having top tier correspondent like automated FedWire or HSBC is likely to be held valuable.

Next to consider is the international bank having manual FedWire or mid-sized correspondent. However, the least valuable is considered to be the bank having a lesser wire-service provider or money service correspondent.

·       US FedWire is made available only to those international banks that are allowed to operate in Puerto Rico (US territory).

In some cases, the primary shareholder may move on taking along the clients or the bank loses its strong client base. In such a case, the operational bank is ready for purchase. Such banks are termed to be fully operational, however, lack a book of business. Operational banks generally sell for approximately $3.25 million - $4.5 million. You can BUY OFFSHORE BANK at about $3 million if a shareholder runs out of favor with the regulators or vice versa. The operational bank having FedWire is likely to sell for about $4.5+ million.

Taking the help of the industry experts, you can come across OFFSHORE BANK FOR SALE without much difficulty. The operational bank is likely to boast of having a solid business book. The value of such banks is likely to be the same as that of any fully operational bank. It also includes the cash flow of the client base or NVP. Often, business value books are paid over a specific period, thereby ensuring all clients stick to the bank even after the sale.

There are specific aspects to consider while considering OFFSHORE BANK LICENSE. The main among them is the sale of the offshore bank having basic and advanced correspondent accounts. However, it is not common for a bank having a large business book to be put up for sale. Even selling of the license is said to be a rare case. It also includes selling of Permit to Organize.

If you plan to BUY OFFSHORE BANK, the very first step should be to hire a consultant. They should be experienced in the domain with decent exposure. They also are to have ample knowledge of dealing with international and offshore banks for sale. When contacted, they are to offer valuable input on the banking setup process as well as negotiate the purchase. This way, it becomes much easier to obtain a banking license to start a successful operation.

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