Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.
Baron M. A. Rothschild
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BUY PASSPORT: How the Elite can escape the pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic that struck in 2020 has left people with very few travel options. It is almost over a year now, but still, the world is grappling with fear over this pandemic. Still many countries have imposed travel restrictions to curb the further spread. But the super-rich families are trying to use their money to overcome the issue. They are trying to cross borders, which otherwise is closed for the common people. The elite world is presently into investment migration, with passport applications being based on wealth and desire to move around the globe. It is not based on citizenship or nationality. The CIPs (citizen-by-investment) programs are a fast-growing industry. It also includes residence-by-investment arrangements, referred to as ‘golden visas’.

The ultra-rich can now easily diversify their portfolio. They can effortlessly transfer their wealth into another country of choice. At the same time, they can also receive citizenship benefits of the new country as well as BUY PASSPORT.

Previously, CIP participants in the bracket of $2 to $50 million were motivated by lifestyle factors, tax benefits, freedom of movement, etc. However, with the Covid-19 creating fear, some elite families have been considering pandemic responses and better healthcare. They are seeking safe havens for their families to ensure having constructive future backup plans.

Plan B

Alternative citizenship can be the kind of insurance policy that people like to have as their Plan B. They are now more concerned with pandemic preparedness and healthcare as there can be more such incidents in the future. The truth is the elite tend to make plans for over a hundred years in advance with regards to well being and wealth. They do not stick to 5-10 year plans. Some even apply for DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT to go to a country of their choice to seek a safe haven there. General ‘doomsday predictions’ and coronavirus health concerns are said to cause a recent uptick in greater interest in CIP. 

Popular destinations

The number of people applying for FALSE PASSPORT seems to be an all-time in 2020-21. The most popular destinations receiving new applications are Cyprus and Montenegro. There was noticed an increase of about 75% and 142% in new applications during 2020’s first quarter. The reason for its growing popularity among the ultra-high net group is because it offers numerous advantages. The families of the applicants can enjoy settlement freedom and unlimited access across the European Union. These countries also offer better healthcare and education. Also are in huge demand residency programs in New Zealand and Australia. But crisis management is cited to be one major reason. New Zealand has managed to handle the pandemic amazingly and hence, it a much more favored by this bracket. It is now easy to BUY FAKE PASSPORT to get into these countries.

Huge investment

However, these residency programs are very expensive and beyond the average person. It is only the ultra-high net worth group that can afford it. New Zealand takes about $1.9 to $6.5 million, while Australia around $1 to $3.5 million. However, New Zealand’s program is quite flexible with regards to investment. It should not be meant for personal use. Many of them have invested NZ$10 million to generate off-grid, self-sustainable commercial farms. Hence, they can BUY PASSPORT and move to such safe places until things get sorted out.

Moreover, the CIP clientele also seems to be changing. The applicants include Indians, Lebanese, Nigerians and Americans, who have shown greater interest during the pandemic. 2020’s first quarter saw a significant jump of 700% in the number of American applications. The Middle-East and China also show steady investor flow into these countries.

Covid-free havens

A few ultra-rich travelers seek a remote, safe place to reside with their family to escape another such outbreak. Although they may lack immediate access, they are eager to stay prepared to face the next pandemic. It is found that small countries have been able to manage the pandemic with very little effort. A major economic giant like the United States found the situation to be out of control. However, smaller countries were not hit this hard. Very few Covid related cases were reported in the Caribbean countries like St. Kitts, Barbuda, Antigua and Dominica. They have slowly opened up their business. They also in a better position to manage such problems effectively when compared to big countries. Hence, plenty of interest is noticed with regard to lifestyle and healthcare. People seem interested to avail DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT to reside in such small countries.

Moreover, the small Caribbean nations offer greater travel freedom and inexpensive CIP opportunities. The Caribbean can be a wonderful choice for those with a net worth of $1 to $10 million. You can get hold of a second passport for your family comprising of four members in just 4-6 months. You just need to donate an amount of $100,00 to the Barbuda and Antigua government. You can consult the agents to get FALSE PASSPORT.

Beat the ban

There is another trend that seems to have started, which is investing in passports. There is an increasing demand to BUY FAKE PASSPORT to increase chances to beat future travel bans. Only certain passports are allowed by some countries as they open up. Europeans for example are unable to visit the United States and vice-versa. The Cyprus passport holder can travel within the European Union as the borders open.

People who love to roam around without any geographical restrictions and retain their choice of lifestyle seem to be more concerned. They are thinking to derive some type of resident or citizenship status. This is what has prompted investment migration.

Such programs offer citizenship or residence against substantial investment in the country’s economy. It is generally related to government bonds, infrastructure development, job creation or real estate.

The number of people who had acquired foreign citizenship through CIPs in 2020 was around 25,000. However, no official number is known to exist. CIPs are rather considered by the super-wealthy individuals as a crucial backup plan. Such programs do take time and hence, it is wise to BUY PASSPORT in advance.

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