Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.
Baron M. A. Rothschild
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What are the advantages of having a Diplomatic Passport?

You can choose to invest in a passport as it offers innumerous benefits. One major advantage of holding a diplomatic type of passport is that you can enjoy diplomatic immunity. The authorities belonging to the host country on seeing the passport can identify the honorary consul. Such passports tend to have the country’s emblem printed very clearly on them. Also is inscribed the letters ‘DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT’. It is generally written in the English language or the country from where it is issued.

But it is necessary to find out if you are eligible to apply for such passports or not. Once you obtain the passport, your immediate family will be able to BUY DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT without any hassle. Holding the passport, diplomats can freely travel with their family members across the globe.

Who are eligible for such passports?

These types of passports are generally issued to certain individuals, especially those who are required to travel overseas. They generally travel abroad to perform official government business. Consul workers and diplomats are commonly issued this type of passport so that they can be stationed abroad. It also includes individuals who are government employed and are of specific jurisdiction.

You can apply for obtaining a passport by producing several legal documents. It should indicate your affiliation with the state or government of your country. Those who are eager to apply for this passport need to apply to the specific regulatory body. This body tends to manage issuing of specialist passports.

To make the application process easier, quicker and simpler, you can take the help of a reputed consultancy firm. This is crucial if you already possess an original passport and would like to have a second or FALSE PASSPORT. They will make sure that your application goes through and you get the passport on time. At the same time, they will also ensure that you comply with the country’s jurisdictional regulations.

Why BUY PASSPORT? Know the benefits

The advantages offered by this type of passport tend to vary between countries. Some common advantages derived are given below:

·       You can enjoy diplomatic immunity under international law. Sovereign status is also extended to the diplomat’s residence. This means they are off-limits to the government agents, both in the foreign country as well as the native country.

·       While traveling, you can use the airports’ diplomatic channels. This way, you can avoid lengthy customer checks and delays.

·       You are free from any tax arising from traveling by air or land. Hence, the diplomat or honorary consul may travel to different countries quickly and without having to spend a fortune.

·       The diplomat using the DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT can acquire free license plates for their diplomatic vehicles (CD or CC). Thus, the diplomat can enjoy greater business success.

·       You are also free from income-based tax liability arising outside your host country. On being confirmed with a diplomatic appointment, you can acquire the passport. There is no need to make tax payments on income derived from other states or countries besides your host country.

·       You can move around confidently between states and countries. You will experience a significant reduction in airport immigration inquires.



What are the other benefits derived if you BUY DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT?

Holding such passports does offer endless benefits. You can enjoy baggage inviolability, special lines at the customs, easy border passage, etc. You can also travel to various conflict zones while protecting your privacy and safety. Otherwise, your original passport is likely to cause you to harm in such circumstances. The diplomat passport also ensures that your bags are not opened by the customs officers at the airport. Some people may use such passports to carry along sensitive documents during their travel. This is to safeguard these crucial documents from intruders and prying eyes. Some even use it to stay protected from unwanted people. Some additional benefits of holding the FALSE PASSPORT are as follows:

·       Tax liability not present on diverse income sources.

·       Diplomatic lounge along with red carpet treatment provided at several airports.

·       Easy visa restrictions

·       Immigration does not need mandatory counting of days.

·       Easy salon d’honneur access to government lounges.

·       Use of Consul license plates, CD or CC on cars.

·       Global prestige

·       Easy meeting with top ranking officials of any country.

·       Instant door opener especially in business or political environments

·       Free visas offered to any country combined with visa-free travel

·       Enjoy sovereign inviolable status both at residence and home

·       Airport departure tax payment not required

·       Travel upgrades on hotels and airlines

·       BMW and Volvo diplomatic cars available at huge discounts

How to BUY PASSPORT of this type?

Many portals may claim to offer diplomat passports on sale. The ones that are sold through the web are forged used passports having altered numbers. Therefore, using such passports may only lead to your documents getting confiscated. There are also very high chances of you getting arrested for possessing such fake passports. Hence, you should apply for such passports only through a reputed diplomatic brokerage. Go through the reviews of the brokerage before making the final decision. The knowledgeable and experienced broker can provide such authentic passports efficiently and quickly. This will be achieved through diplomatic appointments. To achieve this, the professionals will use their well-nourished global network. It generally comprises government officials, Foreign Service officers and diplomats. The brokerage company should also boast of successfully securing such passports. Generally, the DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTis delivered at the official embassy or the Foreign Ministry Office.

Who is not eligible for such passports?

·       Applicants who are younger than 30 to 35 age unless achieved something significant.

·       High-profile applicants having a questionable reputation.

·       Applications of interest through international intelligence agencies.

·       Applications facing international arrest warrants.

·       Application having criminal records.

Some countries may require you to possess a regular passport to travel to other countries as a tourist.

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