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Secondary Kw: OFFSHORE COMPANY, Offshore Bank Account

Guide to opening an offshore company in Belize

Opening an OFFSHORE COMPANY IN BELIZE is hassle-free and quite easy. While being affordable it is also a tax haven. The offshore companies registered here can operate legally outside the registration country. Such companies also do not have to pay any taxes or are required to provide financial reports. Hence, forming a company here does offer private investors and entrepreneurs’ significant advantages. They can incorporate a company quickly without having to spend a fortune. Also, they can enjoy full tax exemption, while maintaining zero rates annual ling.

This jurisdiction being stable is popular among entrepreneurs to open offshore companies. It also boasts of having a supportive legal framework combined with flexible corporate requirements. At the same time, it is a secure and attractive offshore destination. Low start-up costs, complete confidentiality and multi anonymity layers are offered in a low-risk, stable environment. It is also possible to open up an Offshore Bank Account here without much difficulty for your business. Several offshore banking options exist here to choose from. Limited company owners desiring privacy, speed and affordability in their incorporation efforts can find this place an excellent choice.

What type of offshore companies can be incorporated at Belize

Belize is well known for its stringent confidentiality laws, thus ensuring greater privacy. The offshore company should be incorporated to carry out legal activities and be within the company’s charter and prevailing law. Various types of companies can be incorporated here like:

·       General commercial trading

·       Financial management

·       Investment company

·       International financing

·       Tax planning

·       Real estate company

·       Asset protection company

Things to consider when trying to incorporate OFFSHORE COMPANY IN BELIZE

To ensure taking the correct steps, you need to consider the following essentials.

·       Financial Statements: Financial statements are not required to be filed by the offshore firm incorporated at Belize.

·       Security and Confidentiality: There can be nominee shareholders and directors to provide the firm with additional anonymity. Moreover, such details can be kept away from the public record. Besides this, the Belize incorporated firm is safeguarded from foreign government expropriation orders. The Registry also does not require to be informed of the changes made in the shareholders or directors.

·       Company Secretary: This position is not mandatory.

·       Shareholders: One shareholder is essential, either a corporate body or an individual.

·       Directors: Minimum of one director should be employed. This can be a corporate entity or an individual.

·       Filing of Accounts and Auditing: Filing of accounts or auditing is not necessary. Public filing is rather limited to incorporation certificate, articles of association, memorandum, registered agent’s name, office and physical address.

·       Local presence: No such mandatory requirements.

·       Registered Office: This is compulsory.

·       Trading Restrictions: It should not engage in any kind of business activities within the country.

·       Name Restrictions: The OFFSHORE COMPANY should not use certain names. It includes ‘Chamber of Commerce’, ‘Building Society’, ‘Royal’, ‘Municipal’, ‘Imperial’, ‘Cooperative’, ‘Chartered, etc.

Steps to incorporate Offshore firm in Belize

You need to first clear the critical essentials that are mentioned above. Once done, follow the given below steps.

·       Hire a professional: To incorporate an offshore firm in Belize, you will require hiring a professional expert. They can provide you with proper and timely guidance, help you with the legal proceedings.

·       Be ready with essential documents: The second step involves being prepared with the necessary documents to submit to the concerned authorities. It includes the following:

o   Identity and address proof of directors and shareholders

o   Properly filled application form

o   Detailed business plan

o   AOA (Articles of Association)

o   MOA (Memorandum of Association

·       Obtain necessary approvals: The third step is to submit the documents to the professional consultant. They will contact the concerned authorities to obtain crucial approvals.

·       Pay relevant fee: You need to pay relevant offshore incorporation charges depending upon the type of business you wish to start.

·       Apply for Offshore Bank Account: You will require a bank account for your offshore business to do business in Belize. This is better done while incorporating your company. There are several benefits to enjoy by opening a bank account for your Belize company.

What are the benefits of incorporating an offshore firm in Belize?

·       Friendly business environment: The Belizean government has been long welcoming foreign investors and entrepreneurs to make investments here. They are strengthening the country as a prominent and favorable offshore jurisdiction. The government is also doing its best to accommodate overseas high net-worth individuals and businesses. They may be interested to start a firm and secure their assets. Belize also boasts of being an investment-friendly nation. The incorporation procedure here is quite straightforward and simple. There is also no minimum capital or accounting requirements. Records of shareholders and directors can be kept away from the public eye. Moreover, legal movements like Offshore Banking Act, Trusts Act and IBC (International Business Companies) have made company incorporation in Belize much easier.

·       Stable Currency and Economy: Currency value is crucial to provide a healthy economy for any country. Belize boasts of having a flourishing economy. In entire Central America, it is considered to have the 2nd largest per capita income, thus having a healthy economy. The Belize dollar enjoys a 2:1 ratio with the U.S. dollar. Offshore banking options provided here are of low risks.

·       Financial privacy: Stipulations are in place to ensure a financial policy of investors. For example, disclosure of account details related to account owners is made only during a criminal investigation. However, to release the details, a court order and valid documentation are to be produced. Otherwise, no restrictions exist on transacting Belize currency. Also is not present exchange control. Reporting requirements are also not present.

·       A real tax-haven: HNWIs and businesses can value Belize as a favorable destination. It involves a simple incorporation process. Overseas income does not invite taxes. Such income is rather regarded as revenues, earned interest, dividends and capital gains, thus being tax-free. Dividends that are allowed by the Belize-based firm are also tax-free for non-Belizeans. Stamp duty is not charged by the government, a plus point for entrepreneurs and investors.

It is for all the above reasons that incorporating an OFFSHORE COMPANY IN BELIZE is a wise decision.

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