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Secondary Kw: Offshore Bank Account, OFFSHORE COMPANY

Why incorporate an offshore company in New Zealand?

Several destinations across the globe attract investors to make huge investments. One such jurisdiction is New Zealand considered to be an ideal place to start a business. LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the most popular company type to launch in New Zealand. It is also among the successful business structure to form. Holding or trading companies with operations based outside the country can still enjoy tax exemptions.


This legal entity is separate from Company Owners or Shareholders. It means that the company shareholders will not be held liable personally for entity liabilities or debts. However, they are liable for all unpaid amounts owned on company shares.

It is also quite flexible and suitable for various types of business activities. It involves a straightforward registration process, which can be completed within a week. Personal presence is not mandatory for setting up the company. However, the rules require at least a Director to be a citizen of the country. It is also not necessary to hold Shareholders and Directors Meetings in the country as it is allowed anywhere.

What are the key features of registering an OFFSHORE COMPANY?

·       Located close to Australia, no restrictions are imposed by the stringent European Union regulations.

·       Reporting requirements not necessary for foreign trusts. Also, accounting records are not needed to be filed with any regulatory or government body.

·       For incorporation purposes, just one shareholder and one director will be sufficient. However, the director is expected to be a resident of the country. Additional shareholders and directors may be from any nationality as well as reside in any part of the globe.

·       A personal visit is not necessary to launch the company.

·       With regards to ease of starting a business, New Zealand ranks very high.

Why consult a professional to launch an OFFSHORE COMPANY?

Although it is easy to open a business in New Zealand, you do need professional guidance and advice. The professionals charge a reasonable amount and can help with the incorporation process. They have the right contacts to make the effort seem easy and quick while following the correct procedure. They will also help overcome hassles and obstructions if any using their domain expertise, expertise and knowledge. Given below are a few of the services rendered by the professional consultants.

·       Company registration

·       Registered physical office for one year

·       Government registration fees

·       Registered agent for one year

·       Company Constitution copy

·       Certification of Incorporation

·       Statutory Registers Copy

·       Share Certificates

·       Shareholders Initial Resolution

Company Name

During the company name selection process, make sure that all words used are in the English language. The company name is to end with ‘LIMITED’. After completion of incorporation, it is possible to use the abbreviation ‘LTD’ anywhere.

Do remember that certain words are prohibited from being during the company name selection process. Such words include commercial, international, national and royal. If the concerned authorities find the company’s name offensive or misleading, then they are likely to query the company name.

The Timescale for company formation

To form the company, you need to submit all relevant identification documents to the concerned authorities on demand. The formation process takes about 5 to 7 working days only if all documents and paperwork are in proper order.

Opening up Offshore Bank Account in New Zealand

To start carrying out business operations, you need to have a valid and functional bank account in the country. An account can be opened with any bank in the country, but only after company formation. The banks to select to serve the purpose should offer superior quality services and maintain confidentiality. You need to submit several documents to open an offshore account.

Tax information related to Company Registration

Corporate tax is to be paid on income made in the country by all resident companies. The corporate tax rate slab is around 28%. Businesses need to submit tax filings by March 31st every year. Provisional tax needs to be paid on January 15th, March 31st and May 7th annually.  The tax rate on standard services and goods is 15%.

Non-residents availing dividends are subjected to a withholding tax of 30%. However, there can be a reduction in this rate depending on double taxation treaties, share capital and company earnings. However, there is no wealth or inheritance tax.

Companies not indulging in any kind of trading from the country are liable to pay taxes only on income earned in the country. But worldwide income derived is taxable. In case the company operates outside the country or is a holding firm, then taxes are exempted.

Shareholders and Directors

To enable standard company formation, there will be required at least one shareholder and one director. Shareholder need not be a resident of the country. But this is mandatory for the director. In case, the Director is not a resident in New Zealand, then you can arrange for a Nominee Director.

Share Capital

New Zealand Dollar (NZD) is the country’s standard currency to be used for company formation. 10,000 NZD is the authorized standard Share Capital to be invested here. For the new company, the minimum paid-up share capital can be just 1 NZD. However, during company registration, Bearer Shares cannot be availed.

Annual requirements to register OFFSHORE COMPANY IN NEW ZEALAND

There are minimal annual requirements to be followed for registering a company in New Zealand. The offshore firm launched here has to renew its registered office address annually along with registered agent service. It is mandatory and is to be included within CFS annual renewal expenditure.

The company also needs to maintain proper and correct books while complying with specific accounting requirements. Moreover, accounts are to be audited thoroughly meeting set statutory requirements. Annual Return is to be filed by the company every year before March 31st. An annual statement is to be filed if the company’s assets exceed $20 million. CFS annual renewal expenditure is not likely to include these fees.

Therefore getting the details can help you to launch an OFFSHORE COMPANY IN NEW ZEALAND without much trouble.

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