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Offshore Bank Accounts in Andorra - Including Numbered Accounts
Corporate Multi-Currency Accounts, Numbered Accounts, Stock Brokerage Accounts, Forex Accounts, Cards, and Allocated Gold & Silver

About Andorra – This is a small country wedged between France and Spain. Andorra is only 468 sq. kilometers. They have a population of 84,000. They do not favor immigration with a 20-year residency requirement to become a citizen. They are not in the European Union, yet they are in Europe. This makes them like Monaco in this regard. Andorra is a small but exclusive forum-banking. If you are looking for privacy and security this can be your answer. They have a long history of being a stronghold of private banking. Today Andorra is an excellent forum-banking That appeals to many but is no longer advantageous for citizens of the EU to two Numerous Tax Treaties with EU nations. Please do not try to compare Andorra with Switzerland. Andorra was never an aggressive banking and tax haven like Switzerland. Switzerland Has always had a sordid past. In WWII they were storing gold bars with swastikas on them made of gold from the filings of concentration camp victims. The Swiss Banks started having physical locations in the USA meeting with people to help them save money on taxes if they Had to invest over $ 10,000,000. They even hired celebrities to come to parties and events they sponsored. What this did was give the perfect forum-US to go after the banks for conspiring with US citizens to break income tax laws. The result of this was all the awful Things That Happened to the Swiss banking system. Andorra never did anything like this. They had a lot of European clients and have Entered into Tax Treaties with some European nations, Their neighbors in essence. The countries they have Tax Treaties with are Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain and Sweden. Andorra is not suggested for Europeans. For everyone else it is great. Americans are accepted but they can not trade the US company stocks or Bonds. Andorra does not have a Mutual Legal Assistance treaty with the US, Canada or Latin America.

Standard and Poors Rating - Andorra is rated by Standards and Poors at an “A” for Sovereign currency category. It is rated “AAA” for T&C assessments.

Andorra Country Strength - Andorra total public debt is about 40% of GDP in 2010. Government income rose by 12.1% in 2010. This is not a sloppy government.

Andorra Taxes – No taxes on corporate accounts is the short version. Andorra does not tax non-residents. For you this is a tax haven. No taxes. No tax returns to file. No capital gains tax. No inheritance tax. No withholding taxes on interest income or dividends. It is a tax haven.

About the Andorra Bank – The bank is a private bank in the open sea, on a half-century of life. It has $ 1.5 billion in assets. This is an old bank money. If you have $ 500,000 (or equivalent in other currencies) can be moved to their private banking division and a private banker assigned. The private banker will help you with investment and banking. The bank does not charge percentages as did Switzerland. They offer multi-currency accounts in all major currencies. They speak English, Spanish and French. They answer emails and phone calls. They offer online banking including the ability to execute the transfers go online. There is no minimum deposit when passing through us. We basically streamline the process to add structure to strengthen a number of the features of asset protection to ensure an extremely robust asset protection.

Due to the conservative investment positions the bank adheres to, their liquidity position is just slightly over 70%. The average Andorra Bank has a liquidity position of over 22%. This liquidity position ranks this bank extremely high for any country.

Bank Secrecy – We are working with a Billion Euro European Bank in a secure European Bank Secrecy Country. They accept anonymous bearer share corporations from other jurisdictions. They allow trusts to be the beneficiary owner of the corporation, instead of you, yet you are still the signatory on the bank account. This bank is not suggested for citizens of the EU. They have some exchange of information treaties with other European Union states. We do suggest this bank for citizens of USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia and other places. Just not for Europeans.

Online Banking – Yes full online banking including being able to send outgoing wires. SWIFT and IBAN capable.

Multi-Currency Accounts – Yes. You can bank in any major currency including but not limited to: USD, CAD, SGD, GBP, EURO, AUD, CHF and others.

Minimum Deposit – None. For a private banker the minimum is $500,000 or Sovereign currency equivalent.

Stock Brokerage and Forex - Full Stock Brokerage, all major exchanges around the world and forex

Bank issued Visa and MasterCard ?? The bank does issue Visa and MasterCard with names corporation only on paper. No personal name on the card or the magnetic strip. Have a great card program. If your Visa card is linked to a company account, only the company name appears on the card. If it is a numbered account, then the name of people appear, but we could use the short form of shorthand for safety. If the persons name is Bruce G. Stillwater, the card can read Bruce GS Or could read B. Stillwater. Don S. Norman can be Don S.N. tab. You could have an account numbered company and in this way get the card with the only carrier name limited company on paper. The important thing is that the name of the owners of the anonymous bearer share corporation could not be found in any public registry or database. You sign on the back of the paper so that the store owner can compare the signature to tell your driver's license. You can use a name and last initial. The signature on the back of the card does not go into any database. The bank also debit cards good for ATMs and point of sale only numbers purchases pin inserted.

Allocated Gold & Silver – You can acquire allocated gold and silver stored for you through your corporate bank account. You can actually take delivery of the gold physically. Yes, real allocated precious metals. Gold will actually be in Switzerland.

Bank Language Capability – The personnel at the bank speak and write English, French and Spanish. They do answer the phones and return emails promptly.

Time Difference – Andorra is 6 hours time difference from New York Time (EST). This is manageable not extreme like Hong Kong which has a 13 hour time difference. You can get into the office at 9AM and it is only 3PM at the bank in Andorra, on the same day. With Hong Kong it is the next day so 9AM is 10PM and this means you have to stay up late at night to talk to the bank. Those of you who have had to do this know it is not so much fun and how alert are you at 11PM?

Private Bankers - Private Bankers are available. They will be of great assistance when it comes to investments. The min for private banker is $500,000. Regular accounts, corporate accounts and numbered accounts have no minimum.

Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations – We can use anonymous bearer share corporations. The corporations have to be notarized and apostilled but we handle this all for you. With a bearer share corporation your name can not be looked up in any public registry or database as an owner of the corporation. You will also have possession of the bearer shares.

Numbered Accounts – Yes they are available. Instead of the account having your name as the name of the bank account, it uses a number only. Normally, you would have to say the corporation and have the account in the name of the corporation. With a corporate account the wires coming in and going out have the name of the corporation in them, not your name. With a numbered account it is better. Numbered bank account records are only accessible by a few top management personnel at the bank, I know there is some advantage right there. The SWIFT, ABA and IBAN wire systems require a beneficial owner to be listed in the wire instructions. So sending wires to and from a numbered account is not workable. You can have a numbered account in location addition to having an anonymous bearer share corporation account. This is basically a personal numbered account. If you send or receive wires using this account you would need to put your name in the wires and this is unacceptable so we do not use this account to send or receive any wires. What this numbered account is used for is to receive funds Transferred from inside the bank account for your corporate and private secure retention inside the bank. You send and receive international wires through your corporation anonymous numbered accounts. The name of the anonymous corporation Appears in the wire only information, not your name. The anonymous corporations we use will not have the name of the owners of the bearer shares in any public registry or database. The government of the country That issued the corporation does not even know who owns the corporation. So wires are sent and received through the corporate bank account. Excess funds and savings are kept in the numbered account. The funds are Transferred to and from the corporate account inside the bank, to and from the non-corporate numbered account, with no external records of any wire transfers. No one knows about the non-corporate account numbered Unless you tell them. There is no trail to follow wire. The numbered account can have a Visa or MasterCard tied to the numbered account as well. See the card section below to see how this works to preserve your privacy. The numbered account is another defensive tactic in the asset protection arena. Today one does need all the help they can get. There are prison sentences awaiting violators of bank secrecy in this country including bank and Government Officials. With the numbered accounts the amount of people That can access the ownership records is very restricted. It is very secure and private.

Trusts, Anonymous Bearer Share Corporations and Numbered Accounts – There is a way to use All These asset protection tools to really keep your hard earned assets safe and secure. What is done is to Belize Trust is set-up to be the owner of a Belize Anonymous Bearer Share Corporation Which Has a bank account in the bank. You are not the owner of the corporation. On the bank account the trust is listed as the beneficiary owner of the bank account, not you. You are still the signatory on the bank account. You are the only signatory on the corporate bank account. The trust owns the bearer shares of the corporation but has no bank account. You can be a beneficiary of the trust, other persons can be the beneficiaries, corporations and trusts can anche be the beneficiaries. So now you have a corporate bank account you are not the owner of, yet you are the signatory on this account. This is an extremely hard scene to find anywhere in the world, let alone in a high quality bank, in a secure forum-sound. To make things secure blackberries we can not have another corporate numbered bank account anche in place at the same bank. This Enables you to transfer funds to and from the corporation to the numbered bank account. All received and sent wires go through the corporate account. The transfers to the account are numbered internal inside of the bank with no external wire trails. No one will know the numbered account exists Unless you tell them. This is the ultimate in banking security. There is nothing more secure anywhere in the world.

This is an incredibly secure structure. Combine this with the fact that the jurisdiction is lacking Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties, Double Tax Treaties, Tax Information Exchange Agreements (They have these with EU only), No Offshore Derived Income Tax, No Inheritance Tax, and No Capital Gains Tax on bank interest.

Fees – The fee to set up the notarized and apostilled bearer share corporation and bank account in Andorra (Personal Numbered and Corporate) is $4995. Renewal for the corporation starting in year two is $700. We only use secure no tax jurisdictions for the corporation. This means no tax returns to file.

If you add in a Belize Trust the fee become $6995. The trust will be the owner of the corporation.

Due Diligence Requirements for Andorra -

Personal Visit - You will need to pay a brief visit to the bank in Andorra. On the visit on your investment criteria will be discussed Which is a really important. What we do is have all the paperwork Submitted and approved before you visit the bank. This would be bank forms, corporate paperwork, documentation for due diligence etc. This makes for a relaxing and informative visit with the bank over espresso or coffee. This will give you a chance to really dig into investment options That this bank can open up for you Depending on your investment criteria. Above and Beyond asset protection one must Consider return on investment. Please bear in mind That part of your portfolio can be holding Numerous currencies as a protective measure for your cash positions. Then you can hold anche allocated gold and silver for protection further Top In These uncertain times. The investment officer you meet with will be happy to discuss a plethora of options That meet your individual requirements including equities, bonds and much more. Expect the red carpet treatment Because That Is what you will get as our client. Just make up your mind to have a good time During your visit Because this is what the bank wants. This is the start of a long term relationship with an old money European bank. If you were wondering you would fly into Barcelona, ​​Spain and then drive to the bank.

Bank Forms - you will have to fill out the bank forms which are pretty much standard for any bank anywhere. Of course we will help.

Passport - We will need a scan of a passport picture page and a scan of a driver license.

Utility Bill - Additionally we need a utility bill showing residence address. An original is needed.

Bank Reference Letter – A reference letter from a bank is required. The bank can be in any nation. This needs to be a reference letter not a statement or runout. It has to be on bank letterhead and signed. The original will be required. It should say that you have had an account with this bank for so long and that the account is current or in good standing.

Alternatives - If this level of due diligence is not acceptable we suggest you review our Guatemala Structures where you can still bank with a billion dollar bank, no tax treaties, no double tax treaties, no Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties and no personal visit required. You only supply a passport scan for due diligence. Anonymous bearer share corporations are accepted.

Restrictions – Andorra bank accounts are not for commercial banking. They are for saving and investments. If you wish to operate a business, pay business expenses, receive customer revenue etc consider our Guatemala and Belize structures.

If you wish to have a Forex account option other than Andorra go here:

Swiss Forex and CFD Trading Account

Questions – Feel free to query us.

Time Frame – It takes approximately 10 -14 working days to get the account open with online banking. The clock starts ticking when we have all the docs ready and payment received. The 14 days includes corporation and trust setup times.

Due Diligence Requirements

For all Corporate Accounts -

We need a scan of your passport. This should be in color and sent as 300 dpi, jpeg or jpg in an e-mail as an attachment. You also need to fill out bank forms. When Courier in bank forms you must include a hard copy of the page in color passport photo along with the completed forms.

The bank forms can be sent over the Internet and printed. Then you can fill out and return directly to the bank by courier. Our staff of course is to help you fill out the forms. The forms cover the activities you are engaged in what can be related to work or savings. There are questions about your business. Questions regarding the investment objectives, strategies, etc. Your investment experience and financial education is included in the relevant forms. They will ask the source of funds. We do not find the bank forms overly invasive or unusual in any way. It is probably an 15 to 20 minutes with our assistance.

Since we only open bank accounts for companies that we have formed, we will be very careful to help fill out forms as they relate to banking facilities and or trust corporation.

For online banking business or personal - will need to provide the bank with a residential address so they can send the token banking online at this address. Must be an address in which carriers are used to provide the device. The bank also wants a cell phone so they can send an SMS text message pertaining to the security token online. The online banking token generates a random password each time you press the button. Passwords are only a guide. They are for your protection and are extremely effective in guarding their account from any unwanted intrusion.

Fees – All fees are collected by wire transfer only.

Corporate Bank Account with Belize Corporation. Also includes an additional numbered bank account - $4495

Corporate Bank Account with Belize Corporation and Belize Trust. Also includes an additional numbered bank account - $5995

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