Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.
Baron M. A. Rothschild
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The Anonymous Offshore Visa Cards – We are a law firm. We're going to give you the facts straight on no name as anonymous or master cards anonymous. Banks no longer issue no name cards that are tied directly to a bank account. By this we mean a card with no name at all on it. The policy is by Visa and MasterCard. We can get our high-limit Visa cards issued with only the company name on the paper. These are anonymous bearer share corporation so that no one can see who owns the company. The government does not even know who owns said corporations. This is good as it can ever get. We can get Visa cards with only the name of the anonymous bearer share companies on the card with a limit of $ 10,000 per day from ATMs. This is the highest limit cash pull day we have ever seen. We can also get the cards with a limit of shooting in cash less.
How Offshore Visa and MasterCard Programs Work – We can form an anonymous bearer share corporation for you and assist you in Obtaining an offshore bank account for said corporation. The bank Has bank secrecy. The bank will then issue an offshore Visa or MasterCard. It will have your name on it with or without the name of the anonymous corporation Depending on the country, the bank and the program you choose. You will be Able to make purchases online and in person. You will be Able to take money out of ATM machines around the world. With a Visa or MasterCard logo withdraw the cash limit is normally $ 1,000 a day, Although our high limit Visa cards are $ 10,000 a day withdraw cash or purchase limit. Purchase limits are the available credit limit on the card. High limit offshore Visa or MasterCards can be Obtained, see below for more information. You will be Able to check balances and purchase history online with all the cards offered. Usually you cards are good for two years. The cards are always going to be secured. What this means-Is that a security deposit is posted with the bank in an interest bearing account. The deposit is usually you 150% of the credit line requested. The high limit cards actually have a much lower security deposit ($ 10,000). If you wish the card to have a credit limit of $ 10,000 the security deposit would be $ 15,000 limit on the regular cards. The deposit would stay in a special account for as long as you have the credit card plus 30 days. Then the deposit money would be migrated back into your regular account as available funds. The money for the purchases would be taken out of your account at the end of each billing cycle Which is usually you done by the calendar month. You could ask them to accept a minimum monthly payment and incur interest as long as your security deposit is in place. The bank is not extending any credit to you. The bank will not conduct any sort of credit check on you in your home country. The cards are delivered to you by courier like DHL Which you pay for ($ 50 to $ 85). The banks usually you charge $ 25 to $ 50 for each card, plus the courier. The banks do not have any sort of percentage fee for loading money onto the cards. The fees for checking card balances in an ATM, taking out cash, etc. are going to be about the same as any large bank charges in North America or Western Europe. You will be Able to do chargebacks. Gold and Platinum cards will come will all the normal benefits associated with longer available cards like rental car insurance if you pay with the credit card for the rental car. Lost cards can be promptly Replaced using a courier. The banks have a 24/7 hotline to report any card security problems or to report lost cards.
High Limit Visa or Master Card Corporate Name Only on the Card – We can get a Visa or MasterCard directly from a bank billions of dollars in a bank secrecy jurisdiction without tax agreements that affect people from Australia, Canada, United States and Europe. Again, we use a bearer share corporation to open the bank account for you. You are the beneficiary owner and signatory of the bank account in order to have all the control over your funds. The limits can go up to $ 10,000 a day in cash taken out of ATM machines. To purchase the limit is the same. The card can be used online and in person. We have never seen this limit is nothing higher per card, per day. The high limit cards will require a deposit of $ 10,000. This goes into an interest bearing account. The deposit remains with the bank until the card is operating more than 30 days. The limit for the purchase of these cards is $ 10,000 per day. The way it works is that you say $ 80,000 in your bank account. You can get online and charge $ 10,000 on your credit card (Visa). The maximum your Visa can have at a time is $ 10,000. You can take $ 10,000 from an ATM or make $ 10,000 in purchases. When this is done your card is up to zero balance available for that day. Then you go online and charge another $ 10,000 on the card that will be available for use the next day. If you take $ 7,000, then the more you can charge up to $ 7,000 is because there was already $ 3000 on the card. The maximum available on any given day is $ 10,000. If more than this by the number of days per month, is a limit that is higher than all other cards that we know ($ 300,000). E 'can have more than one of these cards visa upper limit at the same time. So when a paper is discharged to zero you can use the second card. It is a bank of billions of dollars that have bank secrecy. The country of the bank does not have tax treaties with the United States, Canada, Australia or in any European country.
High Limit Visa Cards in Corporate Name Only – We can arrange for the bank to issue these cards Visa upper limit that have only the name of your anonymous bearer share companies on paper. There is no way for anyone to be able to look up the name of the owner of the company. The government does not even know who owns the company. You get to keep the bearer shares of the company. There is nothing better than this.
Multiple High Limit Visa Cards in Corporate Name Only – We can open up two or three bank accounts in the same bank with the same corporation or different corporations. It is more secure to use different corporations. Then you can have several of these high limit Visa cards each with a $10,000 a day limit.
Gold, Platinum and Black Cards - For security reasons it is better to have these cards appear as normal, Visa Gold or even Platinum Visa Card. Special cards like those blacks with concierge services associated with them attract too much attention from merchants and have a greater tendency to be cloned, stolen etc. Visa regular, Gold or Platinum Card Master are too common to attract special attention from the thieves. When scammers see a Black Card knows that the credit limit is extremely high. Many cards Gold and Platinum have $ 1,000 or $ 2,000 credit limit, not the big money associated with the black cards. Always try to stay low profile these days.
Offshore Debit Cards – What is meant by this term is only one ATM. It will not be a Visa or MasterCard logo. Will be for example the network or Star Plus for ATM machines. This debit card only works only in an ATM with the logo of Star, More, etc. the debit card offshore usually has a limit of ATM cash roll of $ 300 to $ 500 per day. Not much. The cards are linked to your bank account. Normally do not require a deposit. The cards can usually be used for a POS transaction. This is where the card is read from you in a cash register. Then you enter a pin number. You will find that it is hit or miss if these cards operate at different merchants of various countries. Debit cards offshore normally carry the name of the signatory of the bank account on the paper.
Currency Conversion – These cards are denominated in USD (US dollars). If you use the card says in China or Romania and the ATM does not dispense a local currency, there is going to be costs of currency conversion by the operator ATM. Such exchange fees are normal with any Visa or MasterCard and the amount will vary with the ATM operator and country involved. Currency conversion charges are not something that the card issuing bank has no control over these charges and are in addition to the normal costs and regular.
Online Use – The cards will work online.
In Store Use – The cards will work in retail stores with and without a pin number. You can swipe the card to make a charge and then enter the pin number. You could also just use the card like a regular Visa card.
ID Required – Two government issued photo ID's one of which being a passport. Copies in color should be made. These can be sent by scans in an email as an attachment. Best is to use 300 DPI JPG or JPEG scan format. Once again scans stay with us. Acceptable ID is a passport, driver license (not an international driver license) or a government issued national identity card.
Time Frame – It takes about two weeks to form the company and get the bank account opened. Then you get the card about 7-10 days depending on the speed with which the bank receives the printed paper and also how long the carrier needed to deliver it. They are usually pretty quick. Please keep in mind the bank account must be adequately funded in order to get a card from the bank.
Western Union – No banks accept western union payments.
Charge Backs – Possible.
Lost Card – Lost or stolen cards can be replaced.
Fee for Regular Limit Visa or Master Card – By regular limit we mean say $1000 a day cash from the ATM machines and a monthly credit limit of ten thousand dollars. For this the fee is $4495 and includes an anonymous bearer share corporation, bank account and the bank will issue the cards to you direct. The cards will tied to your bank account. The bank accounts and the cards have full online capability.
Fee for High Limit Visa or Master Card – By high limit we mean a Visa card with up to $10,000 a day cash limit from the ATM machines. For this the fee is $6995 and includes an anonymous bearer share corporation and the bank account. The bank will issue the cards direct to you. The cards and the bank account have full online capability. Only the name of the anonymous corporation will appear on the card. Your name will not be on the card.
Fee for Multiple Visa Card High Limit Accounts – These are the bank cards issued direct. An anonymous bearer share corporation is formed and a series of cards can be issued directly from that company account. In fact, these cards will have online access individual. They will be controlled by the owner of the main business account. Passport and driving license scans will be needed for each cardholder. The cards will have the name of the cardholder on them but may be only the first two initials and their surname. Each card can have a limit of daily liquidity from the ATM of $ 10,000. A number of cards can be linked to an account. Security deposit will be requested to $ 10,000 per card. The fee for this varies depending on the number of cards issued. For card account with a company more fees start at $ 9,500.
Payments – We only accept payments by wire transfer.
Card Programs – If you would like to establish your own private label Visa card program to pay agents, salespeople etc please inquire. The minimum amount of cards is 2500 at the opening of the program. Inquire.
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