Government is the worst abuse of privacy rights on the planet.
Michael Hyatt author of "Invasion of Privacy"
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The Internet's Premier Provider of Privacy Reports & Tools!
Consult with The Experts!

"You never know your spouse (or anyone) until you see them in court! In today's Sue first, steal your money in the world, you are a potential target of lawyers, former spouses and TERROCRATS! Becomes anonymous and invisible to your assets with the secrets used by the super rich to protect your wealth legally."

Thank you for your interest in our offshore consulting service. Our offshore experts are heads and shoulders above the rest. Though PT Shamrock is not a party to your consulting, we personally know, used and recommend our experts for many years. They are trustworthy, honest and most important ... they deliver the goods! They have never lost any of our client funds in the more than 20 plus years they have been assisting persons offshore. Their advice and services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Expatriation
  • Caveats to be aware after 9/11
  • Legally moving your self and/or assets offshore without leaving a paper trail
  • Residency Programs
  • 2nd citizenship, nationalities and passports... the real low down!
  • Banking passports
  • Which Tax Haven is best for you
  • Privacy seekers paradise's and how to live on less than a US$1,300 per month
  • Why you should NEVER allow anyone signatory control over your assets
  • How To legally remit more than US$12,500 offshore without filing a Treasury Currency
  • Report
  • Dead drops, why you should have one and how to obtain one
  • Offshore bank accounts and credit cards. Where to get them and where to avoid!
  • Special products & services not offered to the public
  • Special discounts to consultancy clients
  • And very important ... learn who the crooks and con men are and how to avoid them
  • And the single biggest mistake to avoid, that everyone else makes! plus much, much more.
Of course every person is an individual and requires products and services specifically tailored to meet your needs. This is where our experts excel.

If you are particularly interested, would like to discuss your information in communications or private conferences, our internationally renowned experts offshore are the transformation of a small group of select customers at the time.

Our consultants offer products and services are not available to the public and is not offered on our site. If you want to include, please read the following information carefully. Thanks for your business.

Remember the age old adage: "A wise man learns from his own mistakes; a genius from the mistakes of others!"

To receive the best service and get the most out of your consultation, our experts requests that before your conference you should prepare a full written statement of your background, approximate net worth, goals, objectives and ambitions, plus [IMPORTANT!] a statement that you are seeking information from him for your own personal use (not for publication) and are neither a journalist, government employee, nor an agent for any undisclosed person.

Then list How do you think your counselor might help. NOT HAVE KNOWLEDGE REAL NAME OR ADDRESS REAL! But for you to get your money's worth from a consultation should have good input. Then change the name if you wish; hide your address and identity with an email address anonymous. But if you want good advice, give your advisor all the facts!

Upon receipt of the briefing above you, more share in the form of € 1,800 for prior consultation (fifteen thousand euro for their consultation in two years without limits, but reasonable) will confirm an appointment by e-mail.

Using PGP for secure e-mail communications is highly recommended and we are happy to assist you in downloading, installing and start with PGP.

Please be sure to specify an email address. After payment is received your consultant will contact you directly by e-mail. Payment can be made by Western Union, Money Gram, Pecunix, Liberty Reserve and a bank transfer is also possible.

We are so confident that your consultation will save you many times you pay, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, within 30 days of the start of your consultation, Sovereign Capital Protection: you will receive € 1,800 worth of products, books or reports. We can not be fairer than that!

For privacy concerns we recommend payment by MoneyGram or Western Union. Alternatively to pay by Bank wire, Liberty Reserve, Pecunix, MoneyGram or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form Your order code is "Consultation."

To order and pay by CREDIT or DEBIT CARD:

Credit cards accepted:
° Visa
° Visa Purchasing
° MasterCard

Debit Cards accepted
° Visa Debit (Delta)
° Visa Electron
° International Maestro (via 3D secure processing only)

For GBP processing we also accept the following debit cards:
° UK Domestic Maestro (Switch)
° Solo

Aa 5% surcharge has been added for all credit/debit card orders. Please click on the SUBMIT button below. You will be taken to our secure credit card payment centre. Please type in your email address, then click CONTINUE and fill in the requested credit/debit card information.

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