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Thank you for your interest in our INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT

Companies & Trust's, all new and all fresh for the 21st century!
Business trusts and international companies are available at numerous privacy havens worldwide. The Panama Bearer Share Corporation is our specialty! All facilities are equipped with paperwork apostilled and a power of attorney so you can open your own bank account anywhere in the world with your new structure!

Be sure to ask us about bank accounts for the structure. We ensured safe, reliable and respected banks over the years that they will accept as their corporate customers, it is not an easy thing to do nowadays!

Most of the structures can be obtained in a few days with "off the shelf" facilities available at a slightly higher cost. Just e-mail us for a quote for the desired position. Here are just some examples of the available positions:

Limited Company Formation Jurisdictions

Annual Fees
Incorporation Fees
Registered Office Fee
Registered Agent/CoSec
Government or Licence Fee
Total Annual Fees
Bahamas (IBC)
Belize (IBC)
Please note that incorporation fees are in GBP [pounds sterling] and annual fees are in USD

Charges for other services per entity are;

Company Officers: 1st Director £75.00, 2nd Director £60.00, Shareholder £70.00
Declaration of Trust £80.00
Power of Attorney Document with Apostille £320.00
Bank Account Opening £1,300 and Monthly Administration £350.00
(2 transaction per month and second statement; first year.)

Bearer Shares: A share negotiable done in the name of the owner and not in the name of a particular person or organization. The shares of the capital of a company, which are transferable by delivery of the certificate. Unlike shares, which are transferred by a deed of transfer, the name of the owner is not registered in the books of the company.
Bahamas Company
Bermuda Exempt Company
Belize Company
British Virgin Islands Company
Cayman Islands Exempted Company
Delaware LLC
Marshall Islands Company
Mauritius Company - Category 2
Niue Company
Panama Company
Samoa Company
Seychelles Company
Singapore Private Company
United Kingdom Company
Hong Kong Company & Kong Kong Bank Account
Panama Company & Hong Kong Bank Account
Panama Company & Panama Bank Account
Anonymous Bank Account and NO Name ATM Card
Internet Bank Account
Isle of Man - Not cheap but serves its purpose!
Panama - Our best seller, because it's the least expensive and offers anonymity via bearer shares!
Turks & Caicos - Off the beaten track, but well worth it!
Grand Cayman's - Not for the faint of heart price wise ... strictly first class!
British West Indies - Exotic, but worth the money.
Cyprus - Good location for a Euro and US Dollar account.

The Incorporation of a Cyprus Company (capital CYP£5.000) includes:

  • Payment of first year's government fees, registered office, Company Secretary, Directors, and Nominee Shareholder(s) for the first year.
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Share Certificate(s) and Declaration of Trust.
  • Power of Attorney (with Apostille).
  • Company Seal.
  • Bank Account in Cyprus.
  • Pre-signed undated Resignation Letter from the Directors and Share Transfer form.
  • Annual Fees » £300.00 Registered Office and Company Secretary (including filing requirements), Directors and Shareholder(s).
    Note: The incorporation of a Cyprus company normally takes two to three weeks.

Price for our Panama Bearer Share Corporations, Trusts, International Business and Investment Trusts, all start from Eur1,000. As stated above we can procure a bank or cash management account for your new company at an extra cost!
E-mail for details.

We can also offer the deluxe package, which includes the first year of administration services. We custom design and make changes based on an hourly rate from US $ 80 per hour depending on the room.

We also offer off the shelf IBITs, which were formed from 2000 onwards, from Eur2,900. They also come with your first year of administration and a certificate in good standing and not commercial. comes with:

  • Resident Agents
  • Registered Office
  • Original Company Papers, Duly apostilled
  • Low Yearly Renewal Fee's
  • You control your own bank account, not others!
  • Bank accounts available for all structures
  • Power of Attorney included
  • Credit or ATM Card possible
  • Be up and running in days!
  • No hidden fees
  • A rated banks only
  • No middle men involved
  • Duly apostille papers!
  • Sent by courier to you
  • Easy to operate!

If there are any special needs or problems, please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.

To order proceed to our secure on-line order form and indicate the country you use to obtain

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