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Diplomatic Appointments For 2012

Finally a real Honorary Consulate Attache and diplomatic appointments with a diplomatic passport is possible, ie a 100% legit diplomatic appointment with a prestigious diplomatic passport.

Through our long time reliable and trusted contacts at government level, we are finally able to offer a real appointment diplomatic passport and a respected member countries of the United Nations from Euro 185,000 for an honorary consul and up to EUR 3,510,000 for an appointment of ambassadors.

The cost of the appointment depends on what positions are available at the time, the country and your CV and means.

As part of this program will have the opportunity to travel to the consulate host countries in Europe to meet personally with the Ambassador, who will present their credentials and diplomatic passport or have them sent around the world by courier.

Privileges of accredited diplomatic appointments & passports as an honorary consul include:
  • You will enjoy the privileges and immunities granted by the Vienna Conventions of Consular and Diplomatic Relations.
  • Your home and office will be officially designated as a consulate and therefore are inviolable.
  • You may display "CC" (Corps Consulaire) plates on your car so that your status is known to the forces of control who may not detain you in any way.
  • When traveling, you may use the diplomatic channel at airports and will not be subject to time delaying and annoying customs checks.
  • You may purchase drinks, cigarettes and other supplies for your consulate duty free.
  • You will be exempt from all forms of tax on any of your income in the host country derived from outside of that country.
  • Doors, which may have been previously closed, will remarkably open once you have received your diplomatic status.
  • Top restaurants, hotels and clubs, which may be "fully booked", will suddenly take your reservation.
  • You will receive free upgrades from many airlines to First/Business class at the check-in desks.
  • You will automatically receive numerous invitations to Royal/Diplomatic and Society parties and events. You will meet top-ranking government officials and heads of state.
  • You will boost your business success as well as your social status and prestige.
Please read carefully:
These diplomatic appointments are offered to qualified persons, an appointment Attache. These appointments are a well-known African member country of the United Nations and the Commonwealth. A diplomatic passport is provided and the charge can put his / her title on letterhead, business cards, passport and personal stationary.

To organize these appointments on your behalf, you are required to submit the following:

  • a scanned copy of the clients current passport,
  • scanned head picture (standard passport photo,) and
  • current country of residence.
  • Also required is a police certificate of good standing from your country of residence (scanned) and
  • your CV.. plus a letter motivating how you can best represent and serve the nation, abroad.
  • Your proof of funds (POF) is also mandatory.

Proof of funds (POF) can be a recent bank statement clearing showing the clients name as it appears in your passport copy to be submitted showing a cash balance in the middle six figure areas Euro or the equivalent. For security reasons we suggest you blackout your account number so it cannot be read.

Correspondence should include details of your country, city and place of business. As is required a certain amount of consultation and travel by our agent before you visit the country, requires a referral fee is not refundable € 6,000 together with the application and the initial deposit. This ensures that you are serious and covers our agents the costs and time during the presentation and discussion of your bona-fides.

Once the proof of funds have been accepted and the appointment pre-confirmed, a refundable deposit of 50% of the cost of the appointment (the balance of the remaining 50% immediately before delivery) - process will take approximately 4-5 weeks after receipt of police certificate and initial deposit.

Customer will receive a real DPP by a leading African nation or other stable including full accreditation to the European Embassy of that nation. Delivery of DPP can be arranged in person by the Ambassador of the nation if desired - e-mail diplomatic and ongoing support. If you need visas in the DPP there is an additional fee for the Schengen visa and up to another Visa (but not from the United States or the United Kingdom). Alternatively, the diplomatic passport and credentials can be shipped to you anywhere in the world by courier as you want.

If a Schengen visa is to be issued with it, this can only be done after it was released, it was signed, paid, it is sealed, then you have two options.

(1) Pay a Euro 6500 for Schengen on it, return it to the source, and the source will organize a visa in a week or so.

(2) Pay a fee of € 7500 and we will arrange to visit the Ambassador in one of the embassies of the European Union and Ambassador will organize the same day.

A Schengen visa is a large and normally have people pay more than € 8500, more than getting one with a passport.

Option 2 is preferred, as the ambassador would like to meet you, if possible.

To help, our agent, who is experienced in these things, will vet the application and, if necessary, make suggestions before the final presentation.

This program appointment and diplomatic passport is for people of wealth and means that are serious and can offer something the host country in exchange for a diplomatic assignment. For example, with a luxury office, as the Honorary Consulate of your country; Host visiting dignitaries of the host country; Have a stand at the fair trip to Frankfurt, Germany (or elsewhere) show annual travel, etc.

The fee is payable in installments based on the progressive completion of the process, as clearly stated above. Full details are forthcoming if and when the proof of funds are approved and will be paid our referral fee of Euro 6,000.

To start, before sending any money, e-mail PT Shamrock are proof of funds. This will allow us to pre-qualify you and see if you meet the minimum financial requirements that a diplomatic appointment requests. This is the first step in this process.

Should your proof of funds qualify, be prepared to remit a €uro 4,500 referral fee (to avoid the merely curious) direct to Sovereign Capital Protection. For this purpose we accept bank wires, e-dinar, Liberty Reserve, Western Union or Money Gram remittances. Sorry credit cards, cash and or money orders are no longer accepted for this referral.

Once we receive your referral fee, we will place you in direct contact with our source for this diplomatic appointment. They will then assist you in a step by step process.

If you are not ready, willing and able to proceed per the above, please do not waste your time and ours by e-mailing asking questions. We simply do not have to time to deal with time wasters and will not answer your mails.

On the other hand, if you are a serious player and sincere about getting an appointment UN diplomat legitimate and fully recognized and passport, send us your proof of funds and therefore, if POF are accepted, our referral fee. This pre-qualification and will act as an excellent base to start. This will take you to the next level with the program.

Once received both proof of funds and returning fee, the complete data with all the terms and payment dates will be forthcoming. You will be held by the hand all the way through the process and you will be assisted with your resume in order to give the best chance of success for the grant of an appointment and diplomatic passport.

Remember only the head of state may grant or deny a diplomatic appointment. If you are serious, a person of means and are willing to help the host country, there is a high probability that you will be granted an appointment of great prestige and diplomatic passport with all the bells and whistles that go with it.

TO REITERATE - Send us your proof of funds and if you qualify financially, we will endeavor to answer all your questions.
Email or contact us at the address below and place DIPLOMATIC PP in the subject heading!
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