Gold is the greatest enemy of the central bankers.
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Executive Summary – It is Visa cards with $ 10,000 in cash daily ATM withdraw limit, daily $ 10,000 limit. These cards are issued directly to you by a bank billion. These cards do not have your name on the card or in the magnetic stripe. The cards have only the name of the anonymous bearer share corporation on paper and in the magnetic stripe. These are not the card program where you send the money to an operator card. All the money is sent to a corporate bank account and you have to sign, which gives you 100% control. The cards are linked to this bank account.

Corporate Bank Account – An anonymous bearer share corporation is formed. You get to have the ownership of the shares. Your name never appears in any public registry or database associated with the company. The government does not know who owns the company. No one can find the owner of the company. The bank knows that the owner of the company, but that is covered by banking secrecy. It is the name of this company that appears on the card and in the magnetic stripe. There is nothing better than this.

The bank offers full online banking including checking balance, history and sending out international wires. Online banking is in English. The bank has a SWIFT number of its own.

Please bear in mind you are getting a tax haven corporate bank account with serious bank secrecy. There is a lack of tax treaties in this jurisdiction.

The High Limit Anonymous Visa & MasterCard – The cards have only the company name on them and in the magnetic stripe. The cards are linked to your corporate bank account. The cards are loaded from your bank account online. You can charge $ 10,000 a day on the card and take money from ATMs or make purchases. The daily limit is $ 10,000 per day in cash pulls ATM and combines purchases for each card. You can take $ 10,000 on Monday morning. Monday afternoon in load another $ 10,000, which will be available the next day. Loads of cards take overnight. You can not charge more than $ 10,000 per day for the paper. This is the highest card cash limit we know. The cards have the Visa or MasterCard logo on them. They will work in the world where you see the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Multiple High Limit Cards – It is possible to have more than one card. This can be done a number of ways using one corporation and several bank accounts, multiple corporations each with a bank account and so forth. Please inquire as to your specific needs and we will try to find a solution. Each card does require a $10,000 security deposit which is non-negotiable.

Due Diligence – We need a scan of the passport and driver license or national identity card of the owner of the bank account. These can be sent as scans. We do not need utility bills, no lawyer reference letters and no bank reference letters. There is no need to visit the bank.

Account Opening Time – It takes about two weeks to form the corporation and get the bank account open. Once the account is open and funded cards take about 7-10 days.

Security Deposit for Cards – There is a $10,000 security deposit for each card. The deposit goes into an interest bearing account. It must stay in the bank for as long as the cards are active plus another 30 days. Then the funds can be migrated back into your corporate bank account.

Bank Minimum Deposit - $5,000

Currency of the Cards – The cards work in USD

Card Fees – The bank charges ordinary and customary fees for ATM cash pulls, balance checks etc. There are no percentage loading fees or other percentage fees. The fees are like any major bank in Western Europe or North America. Once again no unusual or excessive fees.

Chargebacks – Yes chargebacks are possible.

Online Purchases – Yes the cards work online.

POS – Yes the cards can be used with a pin for POS

In Person Purchases – Yes purchases in person are possible.

Fees – Installation costs are $ 6,995. This includes the bearer share corporation, registered agent, registered office and bank account. It also includes the upper limit Visa card that the bank issues directly to the customer. Payment is accepted only by bank transfer.

How to order: Fill out a secure encrypted order form here:
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