We now have so many regulations that everyone is guilty of some violation.
Baron M. A. Rothschild
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Confidential Worldwide Mailing and Business Address
57 Cities Available Starting from Euro 300 per annum
List of towns drop email available with prices

All mail sent weekly. No ID required (unless otherwise indicated)

All addresses of accommodation are to a personal name and a company name only unless otherwise noted! Unlimited names available in some places!

Singapore Address - Probably the best mail service accommodation in Singapore. Just click on the Address Singapore Click for complete information and to order. At only US $ 895, more than setting fees and postal deposits. Very fast setup time and NO ID required!

Asian Address - USD 600 per year, including a deposit of $ 20 shipping. Activation cost only $ 100. Courier delivery accepted for envelopes long time only, no packet accepted, reliable supplier service many former GI, more Asian, European and North American business. This service offers the best value for money privacy finder. A person's name or a company name only. Click Address Asian Street for complete information.

London Street Address - £850 per annum plus a £150 one time setup fee and £50 postage deposit. This address will accept delivery of mail and couriers. Add GBP 200 for telephone answering service informing you by email of your calls. Due to recent UK law changes, a passport copy and a recent utility is required for mail services throughout the United Kingdom.

UK - unlimited names accepted at your own suite number. Service will sign for and accept ALL courier deliveries and packages. €1295 per annum, plus a one time setup fee of €150, plus €50 postage deposit.

Hong Kong Street Address - Good for courier deliveries. A prestigious Hong Kong address like this normally goes for Euro2,800 and up. But Sovereign Capital Protection leprechaun has done it again. Our Hong Kong address is just Euro850 plus a one time set up fee of Euro100 and Euro50 postage deposit.

Costa Rica Address - Accepts courier delivery. Excellent service from a trusted associate. Banking and other facilities possible to established clients. USD 895 per annum, plus a one time set up fee of USD 100 and USD 25 postage deposit. Click Costa Rica Address for full particulars.

Belfast, Northern Ireland - Reliable street address service from the Capital City of Northern Ireland. €800 per annum, plus a one time setup fee of €100, plus a €50 postage deposit. Mail forwarded weekly.

Copenhagen, Denmark - A prestigious PO box address in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen is now available to the discerning individual. This highly reliable and trustworthy provider has been around for several decades.

South Africa Street Address - Excellent service, street address accepts courier deliveries. Euro795 per annum plus a one time setup fee of Euro100, and Euro50 postage deposit. Alternatively for a full street address PLUS telephone and facsimile service the cost is just Euro700 per annum plus a one off Euro150 set up fee plus a Euro100 postage deposit. For telephone answering and facsimile service add Euro200.

Swiss Address in 5 different cities -From Euro 650 per year, which includes deposits shipping forwarding, plus a setup fee once Euro100. Payment must be made by credit card for this service, or provider requires a positive ID. This service is based in Zurich and provider requires a brief description of your business and the type of messages that are expected to accept as a client. Click Address Swiss Street for complete information.

Sweden PO Box Address - Excellent low profile Scandinavian service at a reasonable price. €750 per annum, plus a one time setup fee of €150 and a €25 postage deposit.

Canada PO Box Address - Western Canada. Euro400 per annum, plus a one time setup fee of Euro125 and Euro50 postage deposit.

Malta Street Address - Good street address that accepts courier service. Euro 750 per annum plus a one time setup fee of Euro 150 and a Euro 50 postage deposit minimum.

Monte Carlo Mail Drop - The Principality of Monaco - Monte Carlo (1300 Euros per year + €100 for deposit ) [ PO-BOX ] plus a one time set up fee of €550.

The Republic of San Marino - (1300 Euros per year + €100 for deposit ) [ PO-BOX ] plus a one time set up fee of €250

Panama Street Address - Good address and excellent service. Euro800 per year, plus Euro200 postage deposit and a one time setup fee of Euro550.

Paris Street Address - Street address available in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. ID required for this service at just €750, plus a one time setup fee of €195, plus €50 postage deposit. Picture ID required.

Singapore Street Address - Excellent street address offering three levels of service starting from just Euro750 per annum, plus a one time setup fee of Euro150 and Euro50 postage deposit. Click Singapore Street Address for full particulars.

Tokyo Street Address - Excellent service in the heart of Asia's financial Centre! Street address and accepts courier service. Euro550 per year plus a one time setup fee of Euro100 and Euro50 postage deposit.

Thailand Street Address - This low profile street address in the heart of South East Asia can't be beat! Accepts courier deliveries and faxes for one personal and one company name. Mail forwarded reliably every week. Just Euro850 plus a one time set up fee of Euro100, plus Euro20 postage deposit. A passport copy and utility bill required.

Canada Address - Good quality service at a reasonable price, in Eastern Canada. Installation time is fast. Just euro600 per annum plus a setup fee Euro175 and Euro50 deposit postage will get an excellent address PO Box in the Greater Ontario. Other areas, cities may be available, albeit at a higher cost.

Australia and New Zealand Street Address -Street addresses available in both Australia and New Zealand in most major cities. Not cheap, but fast and reliable. Service starts from Euro700 per annum, plus a one time setup fee of Euro175, plus Euro50 postage deposit. E-mail for a quote for your choice down under.

USA Mail Drop - Due to arcane privacy stealing and ID laws, Sovereign Capital Protection no longer offers service in Amerika.

Mexico - A street address in a low profile area of Mexico is the perfect privacy seekers address. Cost is Euro700 per annum, plus a one time setup fee of Euro150 and Euro50 postage deposit.

Mail Drop Application Form

Name to accept mail in:


Code word or Number for future instructions:


Name to forward mail to you _____________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________

City & Country _________________________________________

Contact e-mail address __________________________________

Special Instructions: _____________________________________________________________

Please email the above details to us AFTER you place your order from the below link. Thank you.

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