Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.
Baron M. A. Rothschild
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A word of inestimable value from Lord Andrew of the Muse
Sir Peter, known yourself as "EM", he asked me that I pen a few lines on a service rather interesting that we have provided in recent years, namely, that the great British tradition: Securities.

This service last year was featured in prime time TV in the UK. They were very much in love by the whole idea. The reality is that to have a title, you need not be to the manor born.

Sometimes it pays to be up front with people, especially if you present yourself as Lord Johan Doe. The same can be said if the title is in your passport, credit cards, vehicles and other personal identification.

With the title out there, for all to see, you will become part of a rather exclusive circle of individuals who stand out from the crowd. People who trust and support. People with recognized distinction and honor. Those, in a sentence, which have a title in front of their names.

Simple, But Very Effective Life Titles
This is your chance to join the elite, and the envy of your friends and colleagues. Securities Securities Elite offers effective life (English and continental) to customers around the world. No need to be British. Now, can capture the title and a VIP treatment, wherever you are, and wherever you are from.

Customers entitled recently include: Lords in Hong Kong; Gentlemen in Singapore; Women in Australia; Gentlemen, gentlemen, and the accounts and the Countess' in the United States; Baroni and Visconti in Japan; Gentlemen in Canada; Gentlemen, gentlemen, ladies, barons, Baroness', Visconti and Accounts in the UK (and many others around the world).

By Request, We Can facilitate Most Titles
These titles not hereditary (die with you) change effectively your headline for the rest of your life. The service provides a legal title Title unique and desirable to add to your name. You can change your driving license, passport, credit cards, bank accounts, cards, etc., to show your new title.

The effective titles are possible thanks to the use of a legally recognized Deed (written in English) from the year 1835. This, for example, could allow Mr. John Doe to become known as Sir John Doe, or Lord John Doe, etc . ... Sounds good, does not it?

In International Law and English, you have the right to call themselves, and known as, anything you want, as long as there is no fraudulent intent in the process of change a person's identity.

If you like the sound of this, as being "the Lord (and Lady) of Oxford", or, for that matter, anywhere fancy. This is the second service we offer, and it was introduced last year on the BBC consumer program, Watchdog.

The legal team of the BBC has found everything was above board and legal, to the extent that the television show has acquired a title (Lord) for one of their presenters, and sent him around London, via Harrods, Coutts Bank , 'and some of the best restaurants, with a camera crew in pursuit - very funny!

This four or five minutes approval of our service television titles, has led to the materialization of a number of sales after the show.

How Titles Are Provided
Lady Sarah Helen Leader of Dartmouth has for current acquisition the Titles of Lord and/or Lady, which are Seated Titles. That is, they include therewith a named area of land. The purchasers of which, will legally be entitled to 'call themselves Lord and Lady of ... the named land parcel purchased.

For example, if Mr. and Mrs. Brown were to purchase land from Lady Sarah, entitled, Westminster, then they would be legally entitled to call themselves, and be known as, Lord and Lady Brown of Westminster, and enjoy all the social and commercial benefits this would undoubtedly bring.

The purchase price of these prestigious Lord and/or Lady Titles is all inclusive, with no other fees or moneys to pay whatsoever, and covers:

  • The cost of the land itself;
  • All Land Registry Fees and Titles Registration Fees;
  • All the legal costs in transfer of ownership of the land,
  • Preparation of all Title documentation;
  • And delivery of documents worldwide.
  • For overseas clients, the use of our United Kingdom address as HM Registry will not show an overseas address on a UK Land Certificate.

Acquiring Your Seated Title
You legally acquire the titles and an area called Land of Estate of Lady Sarah in Dartmouth, by way of purchase land. (Do not get too excited, it's small - blink and you'd miss it.) 'We would like to clarify that they are the same securities that are of importance here, with the land itself not being of great importance, being nothing more than an area real estate sign Lady Sarah. However, all of the legal requirements for the preparation of acts and the transfer of land ownership must be respected, and so, in addition to the documentation Title and certification, the new Titled Land Owner (s), will receive a UK 'government of the Land certificate issued by HM land Registry, ensuring the ownership of land, and showing respect to securities of the life of the new landowner Lord and / or Lady.

Lord & Lady Of Your town
You might therefore become Lord and Lady of your own particular place name. Your own hometown, for example, or your place of birth.

Everyone Asks The Same Questions

What privileges may I receive?
With a title before the name, you will experience a difference in people's attitude. The moment you know that you are a "Sir, Madam, 'Lord, etc.", you will be treated as a kind of royalty or famous movie star. In the business world, people who take it more seriously. Career wise you will find how to open the door. When you make reservations at restaurants, you'll find yourself sitting at the best tables, and receive attentive service. Both small and large organizations appreciate the effectiveness of having a "Lord tab". Check into a hotel and experience the final preferential treatment; often with complementary fruit or wine in the room better. Just imagine that you can legally be addressed with the new title, such as: Lord John Conner ... Lady Susan Wright Richard Conte ... Blackthorne. The airlines' often you update. Bank managers simply can not help enough. You can use the title when and where you choose; says more about you than a Gold or Platinum credit card. For personal safety and self-esteem, a title will change your life for the better.

Is it legal?
Yes, these Titles are totally legal, and they last all your life. You don't have to be a UK citizen. We supply titles to clients all around the world.

What are the limitations?
Unlike a hereditary title, these titles to life can not be transferred to the spouse or children, so if you wanted your wife or children to have a title like you would need their consent; unless, in the case of children, who are under 16 years of age, and you have as guardian of the parents. Important to note is that the plot of land with "sitting" Securities is heritable, and is part of your property. Your children may bear the titles after the dead, and now, only if their names are added to the application at the outset will be joint owners and receive their titles at the same time you (maximum of 'four people).

These Titles are not to be used to commit fraud or to mislead. With intent to commit any offense, or to obtain money by deception. They are for show purposes only; in the same way that you can legally have personalized number plates on your car for show purposes.

How long does the process take?
For Elite Effective titles, you can anticipate 10 to 14 days to process, prepare the legal documents and dispatch to you. You also receive a Certificate of title, which is ideal for framing.

What if I want to buy a Title as a gift?
Just indicate that it is a gift, along with the Title you require,' and the name and address of the recipient, and, the documents will be sent to you. (We do a. lot. of these.)

Can I show my new Title in legal documents?
Yes, you can amend your driving license, passport, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. to show your new Title. We show you the simplest way to do this, when you receive your Title documents.

Can I purchase the Titles of Count and Countess of any town?
Yes, with the land, you can have any Titles you like, however, 99% of clients require the "classic" Lord and Lady of... Titles.

I am single, can I just purchase Lord of my town?
Yes, whether male or female, you can purchase a single Seated Title (the price is the same). Like wise, if you are partnered, and do not share the surname, that is all right too. Just make your surnames clear when applying.

Upgrade Your lifestyle Today, It Will Make You Smile
Here are unsolicited, unedited comments from some of the satisfied customers we have on file:

  • "Two packages of documents received yesterday (16 May 2008). Thank you very much. As you indicated previously, they are impressive. I will have no hesitation in passing your company details to anyone in this country who is interested." Dr. S. -Australia.
  • "Thank you for your speedy response. I have now placed an order online, which you might have already seen." G.H. - United Kingdom.
  • "Thanks, a pleasure doing business with you." A.C. - Italy.
  • "Thanks for your help in this matter, I'll recommend you to all my would be Titled friends. Regards." L C. - United States.
  • "I have recently purchased the title of Viscount from MBC and I am very delighted with it". G.T. USA
  • "Just a quick not to let you know that the presentation of the title I bought from you was a great success." HK- Hong Kong.
  • "I am pleased with the doors this title has opened for me (21 August 2009)". Lord J.B. - UK
  • "I was introduced as Baron, and my father's friend treats me like a VIP - just in the way you mentioned in your advertisement". Baron 0-Japan.
  • I'm a happy camper with my new title. Everything was received faster and better than you said. Thank you. Lord K.Y. New York, March 2010


Seated Titles

Standard 6 - 8 weeks delivery GBP2,599* (Add GBP30 for courier delivery.)
Premium 2 - 3 weeks delivery GBP2,759

Effective Life Titles

Single Title 3 weeks delivery GBP1425* (For premium 10 day delivery add GBP180.)
Pair of Titles 3 weeks delivery GBP1599* (For premium 10 day delivery add GBP180.)

How To order Your Title
Space prevents us from including application forms and order requirements. When you place your order paid, please contact me: for these details. Pending maintenance A DUN Lord Andrew of The Muse!

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