We now have so many regulations that everyone is guilty of some violation.
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Update - 2012

One of the consequences of the disaster of 9/11 in 2001 was many citizenship for investment programs have been closed due to pressure from big brother in America. The Grenada, Belize and many other citizenship for investment programs are no longer available.

The Republic of Ireland offered a citizenship by investment program, but one had to invest US$1 million or more and the program was terminated some years back.

The tiny Pacific offshore haven island of Nauru - the world's smallest independent republic and a member of the Commonwealth - closed down it's passport by investment program after the US President brought the full weight of US diplomatic pressure on the tiny island.

Today there are only a few Economic Citizenship Programme's available; Two are from the Commonwealth of Dominica and St. Kitts and Nevis. Both are very expensive and somewhat restrictive in nature.

Austria offers a program citizenship-by-investment, albeit extremely expensive and not a sure bet. The applicant is required to invest actively in the Austrian economy, in order to create jobs, etc. A minimum investment of € 2 million is required. Passive investments in bonds, real estate, etc. do not qualify. Supplements of Euro 260,000 or more is applied, depending on the situation and the number of people in your application. Consult the nearest Austrian consulate for details.

Citizenship is possible via Ancestry in Ireland and also in Israel. See Do you qualify for a Free Passport? for further details.

Citizenship and then a passport, may be acquired through an assortment of methods. These may include:
  • birth within the jurisdiction
  • lineage through parents and grandparents
  • naturalization by residency
  • marriage
  • religious affiliation i.e. becoming a Thai Buddhist or via the law of return to Israel
  • meritable service or some economic benefit to the country
Important Information!

Please read the following information below slowly and CAREFULLY, including sources requirements for
proof of funds and a referral fee.
For more details on any program, understand that the first step is for you to postpone your proof of funds so that we can send to the source for approval. Without presenting proof of funds and their acceptance, nothing happens.

If and when your proof of funds are accepted, the next step is to pay the returning fee of Euro (€) 1800. Then and only then can we forward your e-mail to the source and put them in direct contact with them for comprehensive information about what programs are available, the associated costs, as well as all relevant information, etc. These requirements are necessary in order to eliminate curious and to protect the integrity of the few programs still available. [Note: The reference height € 1,800 is applied against the cost of acquisition should proceed.]

Please understand that the above requirements are sources and we would be remiss if not informed in advance and before asking questions about how the process works. If you do not agree with the above, you understand and wish you well in your endeavors. However please do not waste your time and ours to ask questions on behalf of the countries, etc. without respecting the above requirements, namely proof of funds and referral fee.

Anyone who decides to deal with, please conduct your due diligence and check our Hall of Shame site before pursuing any offer that seems too good to be true!

Thank you for visiting FPC.

- Special Notice -

To the best of our knowledge Sovereign Capital Protection is the oldest and longest existing privacy web site on the Internet. To verify this go to the "Way Back Machine" at http://www.archive.org/ and place our web address www.easymoneyoffshore.com into the "Take Me Back" box and click search.

Then repeat the above steps for any other web site that makes claims as to how long they've been on the Internet!

Do not be fooled or tricked by so-called OFFSHORE experts and or web sites who have plagiarized FPC's web site and written material. FPC has a select few authorized re-sellers and expert offshore consultants who are long known, trusted and reliable whom we've used for many years to the full satisfaction of our customers. If in doubt about any provider or so-called 'expert' just e-mail us and we'll let you know whether or not any particular site has stolen or used our material without our permission and if the 'expert' is what they claim to be.

This came to light when one particular so-called offshore 'expert' web site, communicated with us saying that he had taken full payment for a diplomatic passport (US$50,000) from their customer and asked us if WE COULD HELP HIM obtain the diplomatic appointment! Talk about nerve! They steal our material then ask us to supply them with the appointment. They're nothing but a bunch of amateurs and you are likely to lose your money dealing with such persons.

Any person or business that accepts money for a product without having a source for that product is unethical at best and probably crooked to boot! BE WARNED and do govern yourself accordingly. Caveat Emptor! Further anyone who plagiarizes and steals another's material WITHOUT permission, is liable to steal YOUR MONEY!!!

FPC would be remiss if we didn't warn our viewers about this. Unlike unscrupulous providers who take your money and run, FPC would prefer to lose your business rather than lie or mislead you about our products and services!

It is with great pleasure Sovereign Capital Protection presents:

Nationality & Residency Program Information

FPC Limited is a provider of information on the programs of nationality and legal residence. Upon refer serious candidates as highly trusted and reliable source / representing some select programs authorized "Residency" as agents of reference for some selected countries.

Please be advised that Sovereign Capital Protection "not" sell PASSPORTS! According to our agreement with the respective sources, countries and the issuing authority, we are unable to disclose the exact name of each country at this time. As agents for reference is entrusted with the responsibility of screening carefully the possible candidates. To our satisfaction that a potential candidate is genuinely interested will be referred to the appropriate source that will address your needs. They will provide the name of the country and answer all your questions. Interested parties who engage respect our position and determination to exclude the "curious" and "waste of time lookie-loos." This information is only for the seriously interested.

Do not waste your time and ours. Repeat, we DO NOT SELL PASSPORTS! We act as a referral agent for the CONTACT only, not the contract! Source is owned by an association of international lawyers and specialists in order to provide the most private and up to date services available. They have been involved with offshore consulting for the last 23 years, with complete confidentiality guaranteed by, "Attorney Client Privilege".

Be prepared to provide proof of funds as the very first step in this process. If and when your proof of funds is accepted by source, then you will be required to remit and pay our referral fee of €1,800 PRIOR to our placing you in contact with source. Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS! To get started and before remitting any money, we suggest you email your "proof of funds" in order for Sovereign Capital Protection to pre qualify you for our residency and nationality programs.

Country by Country Comparison Chart
Program Fee
Delivery Time
Family Plan
Military Duty?
Points of Interest
Southern Africa
(not South Africa)
€9,450 4 weeks spouse, children same price No New BioMetric passports now available. Difficult to secure visas due to visa requirements. However this makes for an excellent "banking passport," with name change possible.
ASIA €9,900 2 weeks None No Perfect for banking, not for traveling. Name change possible.
Central America €50,000 12 -16 weeks Yes No Offers excellent visa free entry to most of the world's countries - Our recommended passport & Nationality programme.
South America €160,000 12 to 18 weeks €70,000.00 per additional family member No Difficult to secure but a real winner
DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT €260,000 and up depending on position 4-5 weeks No No ACCREDITED DIPLOMAT FOR THE UNITED NATIONS Formal Title of Special Counselor to the United Nations. Includes appointment and passport.
FPC does not sell passports.

We must demand that all requests are serious potential candidates ONLY!

Proof of funds and our referral fee of € 1,800 (€ 7,000 for the program diplomat,) you first need to get in touch with the source.

The country names are not disclosed. Please do not ask for the names of the countries before they have provided proof of funds and paid our fee introduction. Sorry no exceptions. All documents are passport obtained through the naturalization process and are fully renewable for life, legalized and registered in all government computers. Legal name change, and family programs may be available. Funds (net of legal costs) are held in escrow accounts until sources documents found. To learn more about any of the programs listed above, please postpone the proof of funds as the first step.

Western European Residency Program

This do-it-yourself residency program may lead to naturalization, i.e. citizenship with a valuable western European Union passport in a few years! In brief you are required to travel to this Western European country to establish legal residence, obtain your resident papers, documents and tax ID number, etc. You should plan on a month and possibly more to accomplish this depending on your circumstances.

This is a guide with full particulars, on what, how, when and where to proceed in order to obtain a highly valuable and legal western European Union residency. We do not guarantee residency, but for the serious person the small fee for this step by step guide will save you many thousands in wasted time, effort and costs.

The total cost for this do it yourself residency program guide is €2,900. The fee is NON refundable.

DO NOT ask us for the name of the country. This will be disclosed when you have submitted your preliminary application and after we receive your €2500 fee. Any inquires requesting the name or other information's about this residency program PRIOR to our receiving the €2900 fee will be disregarded. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not waste our time and yours otherwise!

Proof of Funds

For any preliminary application, please remit your PROOF OF FUNDS. This is the absolute first step in the acquisition process. Proof of funds MUST be in the form of a recent, verifiable bank statement, clearly showing the clients name with sufficient liquid funds available to meet the host countries requirements. For privacy concerns you can white out your account number, but your name MUST be shown on the bank statement. Sorry company accounts NOT accepted.

If and when your proof of funds are accepted, then you will be required to remit our referral fee of €1900. Then and only then will we place you in direct contact with source who will deal with you one on one and answer all your questions.

Proof of Funds - Diplomatic Appointment

Every legitimate candidate for a diplomatic assignment must be a person of means, namely the wealth. There is no set shape for a candidate to pass the host countries of evidence. However, a low amount to six decimal certainly would not be considered suitable for this purpose.

This appointment diplomat is a serious program for only serious parties. You will be required to travel to the host country to meet personally with the head of state, who is the only person who can grant a diplomatic appointment. Please read our residence and citizenship Disclaimer.


We do have on offer an active and excellent residency program for PARAGUAY. See PARAGUAY 2012 for full particulars.

Sovereign Capital Protection must request that all inquiries be from serious potential applicants ONLY! To find out more about any of the
PARAGUAY Residency Programs listed above please contact us and be sure to review our disclaimer so we can have a mutual understanding, prior to placing your order. Thank you.

Panama Residency Program

For full particulars on these excellent residency program click
Panamanian Residency Program

Costa Rica Residency Programs

Sorry but we are not offering any Costa Rican residency program at this time.

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