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Executive Summary – What we do is form an offshore company and obtain for your offshore company of a Forex, CFD Trading Account in Switzerland in a Swiss bank. You will have a current account in a Swiss bank, but this is only for the purpose of transfer to and from your trading accounts. The bank account is not to be used for investment or business, only to transfer in and out of the trading accounts. This arrangement will give the mandatory Swiss Government Bank Insurance of 115,000 CHF on your account that includes the account Forex and CFD. This is a major plus. There is no trading in shares or bonds. You can connect to your account any major currency in the world and manage your trading account in this currency. Now you can have the security of a bank Swiss license to conduct your trading Forex and CFD internal bancassurance Swiss government.

Lawful Asset Protection Operational Strategy – What's done is a bearer share corporation is formed in Nevis, Belize or Guatemala. This company then a bank account in Belize or Guatemala. Banks charge Nevis percentage of wires so avoid them. This bank account is in the name of the company and it is a signatory / beneficiary's bank account in Belize or Guatemala. There is bank secrecy to protect you. Then this same company opens the Swiss bank account and Forex account. The funds are wired before the corporate account in Belize or Guatemala. Subsequently, they are transferred to the Bank outside Switzerland. In Guatemala we old big banks that understand business and allow funds to go on your corporate bank account and then again right out. When you take the money out of the account Swiss broker are wire transferred to the account Belize or Guatemala Corporate Bank, which is the same company that the Swiss account. Then the bank Belize or Guatemala will provide capacity to trade account, Visa cards, debit cards, online banking including the ability to send international wire transfers, etc

US Persons – Please inquire in that this can be complex but in some cases entirely possible. We are glad to discuss the situation with you.

Trading Platform Used – They use Meta Trader 4. This is the industry standard.

Currencies – All major currencies.

Minimums – The minimum is $5000 USD or equivalent. There is no maximum.

Due Diligence – No personal visit. Disclosure forms must be filled out for the signatory/beneficial owner. Additional disclosure corporate forms for the corporation must also be filled out. Notarized scan of picture page of the passport required. A utility bill may be required that shows a home address, inquire.

Time Frame – The time required to file the corporation, get the corporate bank account and then open up the bank account and trading account in Switzerland is going to run 3-4 weeks.

Price – We are opening these Swiss accounts using only the following companies. If we had not we form now we can not open the brokerage account for you.

Bearer Share Corporation Belize, Belize bank account and Swiss bank account with Forex, CFD Trading Account - $ 4,595

Nevis LLC Corporation, Belize bank account and Swiss bank account with Forex, CFD Trading Account - $ 4,795

Guatemala Bearer Share Corporation, Guatemala bank account and Swiss bank account with Forex, CFD Trading Account - $ 4,995

Personal Accounts – We are able to provide a personal account Trading Swiss $ 1,495. E 'strongly recommended to use the corporate structure instead.

Summary – This is something we get asked several times a day. We were afraid to go alone with any Forex Broker. We have combined the security of a Swiss bank with Forex and CFD capacity. Do not hesitate to ask.

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